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parakissed's Journal

Paradise Kissed RPG
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Welcome to Paradise Kissed RPG!

Paradise Kissed is a writing role playing game that will follow the characters of Paradise Kiss after the manga and after Yazawa Arts. It will create a follow-up story and follow the characters after the manga has ended.

This community is moderated to insure keeping a solid and realistic story, accurate characterization, and, quite frankly, to make sure those posting can write considerably well. We're not trying to play elite here, but if your grammar and writing skills are very poor, you have little knowledge of the plot or characters of Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss, or you don't intend to really stick around and commit to the story, you wont be accepted into the game. Please try to have some previous RPG experience before you join (but it's not a requirement).

Those who would like to join must be aware of a few things. All the main characters must be taken before starting the game. A player can either play one main character, or a main character and a made-up character. Whether of not a player gets a main character is based on their application, and whether or not a player is allowed to play with a created character is based on the created character's description.

Requirments for those interested in joining:
- Good grammar and writing ability
- Knowledge of plotline and characters, character relationships
- Good personality (No one wants to deal with someone bad tempered or ill mannered out of character!)
- Be over 14
- Fill out application form and post it

Application Form:
1. Name
2. Age
3. The main charater you would like, why, and why you think you deserve that character.
4. A character you would like to create. Describe the character's personality, age, name, appearance, etc. How would you like this character to fit into the story? What characters would you like him/her to interact with?
5. Any previous RPG experience you've had. (Not a requirment, but may be taken into consideration!)
6. A sample paragraph to showcase your writing skills! Make it random, whatever, it doesn't have to be about Paradise Kiss at all, just show us what you're workin' with!

Only after all the main characters have been taken will players interested in only incorporating made-up characters be allowed to try and join. I don't want a flood of made-ups in this RPG, so at some point, joining will be closed.

When you go to apply, please say "a little bit blue" in the subject line so I know you read all the rules and requirments.

Important: This RPG may contain questionable material (sex scenes between characters, swearing, etc. only when it applies to a character or characters), but make sure nothing is extreme or very graphic, else you wish your post to be deleted and asked to start again.

When you wish to speak out of character, place "OOC:" before you speak. When you go back into character, place "IC:" before you speak. All story posts must contain your character's name somewhere in the subject line so we know who's talking.

That's about it, everyone! I hope a lot of you are still interested in joining. If you have questions, please email me first at pezxdispenser@aol.com . I hope to soon create some sort of website for us, depending on how popular this becomes. Thanks, and good luck!

Link us! Be sure to replace all the [ and ] brackets with > and < brackets!

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