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1. Nami
2. 15
3. The one and only Happy Berry creator, Mikako Kouda! I'd really like to role-play her, since she's one of my favorite characters, from both Parakiss, and was always my favorite in it's "prequel", of sorts, Gokinjo Monogatari.
4. Hmm.. if I could create a Parakiss character, she'd be a mix of Sweet and Punk lolita. Sometimes frillying out in full 'Baby' clothes, then showing up the next day listening to Vidoll and wearing H. naoto. A sweet Miwa like personality, but a little more naive towards certain subjects Miwa has no problem blurting out about (romantic things especially). Easy to blush, but very serious with her views on things. Her name would probably be something like Aiko...
5. A NANA rpg strawberryglass, that's kind of gone quiet lately... 0.o
6. ( Are we going to be doing 'character journals' of sorts? Or actual role-playing together in the community? I'll type a 'journal' type paragraph, and then I can do another if we're doing the other kind..

" Ne.. I had such a busy day today! My head is still spinning.
I had forgetten Alice didn't have school today. "Respect for your elders" Day or something? I can't remember. ..Anyway, I had completely forgotten, and Miwa had gone in early to work, since she's been helping out with some new products for our next show. Tsutomu had left earlier that morning, he's been working on a new 'secret project', or so he says.. -sigh-
So I stood there, as everyone rushed out, watching Alice balance 10 or so marsh-mellows from her cereal on her spoon.
Luckily, I was able to get in touch with Risa, who looked after her until the afternoon, when Tsutomu came back.
Like I mentioned before, we're all very busy working on new products over at Happy Berry! We should have a preview of the new line in Zipper soon, then we'll be doing a show later on in the month. You should all come! -hint hint"

I think I went a little over-board on the paragraph -o-;;

Fun fact! That's actually a real holiday in Japan ^^; I couldn't remember the exact name, but it was something along those lines. A friend of mine, currently studying abroad in Japan, told me about it. She also had off from school for it.
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